Instamo makes it easy to write some code and run it against a local, transient Accumulo instance in minutes. No setup or installation is required. This is possible if Java and Maven are already installed by following the steps below.

vim src/test/java/${package}/
mvn package

The maven package command will run the unit test. After packing the code, you can also run one of the below applications.

Map Reduce

It's possible to run local map reduce jobs against the MiniAccumuloCluster instance. There is an example of this in the src directory The following command will run the map reduce example.

mvn exec:exec -P mapreduce

Accumulo Shell

The Accumulo shell is a simple application that, among other features, provides interactive access to tables in Accumulo. The following command will launch the shell against a local Accumulo instance.

mvn exec:exec -P shell